VGM Submission

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 This interface is for VGM entry or VGM information import and export, uploading VGM attachments, etc. lf a VGM statement is uploaded, a small yellow label will be displayed To maintain box type, size, box cargo weight, tare weight, box owner and other information, please go to [Container Edit ]
 lf B/L No. is displayed in green, it means that our company has accepted the booking. If the relevant deadline has not been maintained and you are unable to enter the information,please contact the local port agent.
B/L No.
VGM Upload Upload File
Remark EXCEL format: file type EXCEL 2007/2010 version, suffix xlsx/xls/et; Change the name of the first sheet to 'List'. Please download the format example .
EDI format: file type is edi. Please download the format example .