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 The box number needs to comply with our company's box number naming rules; the box type, size, tare weight, and box owner can be obtained from the Hakone library, but the final storage is subject to the customer's entrustment. In addition to manual entry, it can be imported through EXCEL tables. To enter VGM information, please go to [VGM Submission]
 lf you encounter a problem that the operation deadline is not maintained, please contact the local port. Changes to the B/L after sending the loading list will not be accepted in this interface.If there is information about the inner cargo box, a small yellow label will be displayed in the "Cargo Box"column.
B/L No.
EDI Upload
Remind SNL format: file type EXCEL 2007/2010 version, suffix xlsx/xls/et; Change the name of the first sheet to 'List'. Please download the format example .
NEW format: file type EXCEL 2007/2010 version, suffix xlsx/xls/et; The first sheet name is 'Sheet1'. Please download the format example The vessel name and voyage in the table column are not verified but cannot be empty. The imported voyage is based on the selection list.
- The import of Excel files failed if the box size of the box number does not match the box root library. If the box number and box root library do not match, the customer's commission shall prevail. The seal No. is a combination of characters and numbers;
- When clicking [Preview], if any blank space is found, it indicates that the table content has failed to be read. Please check the table specifications.